This mixed-use project proposes a new project type tailored to the needs of independent musicians and producers. In addition to amenities like a restaurant, retail stores, and office space, the project includes what the owner has named ‘studiominiums’, individual recording studio condominium suites. The suites are placed within a larger complex of semi-private functions that include a large glass atrium, a pool deck, a health club and twenty-four hour service support facilities. Studiominium owners, who will typically use the spaces as a place to work away from home in trendy South Beach, will have their private spaces and take advantage of the technical and service support of the Record Plant staff.

The design builds around and above an existing office building, filling in voids while taking advantage of the pre-existing concrete structure. The dynamic nature of the old, floating building blocks is maintained with the addition of shaded glass volumes, sheltered terraces and the large glass atrium.

building use: restaurant, retail, office, music recording studio suites
project scope:    48,000sf; architecture design, interiors, acoustics
schedule:  design 2007, unbuilt
construction cost:         N/A