This multi-use production facility is located in a commercial building in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The former storefront facility, built in 1938, over the years was an appliance showroom, a jewelry store, a disco, a record label and a photography studio, before reopening as the state-of-the-art 9WG Studios.

9WG Studios, which includes Red Amp Audio, Spang TV and Mad Box Post, features two audio recording suites, a two-story tracking room and isolation booth, two edit suites and a green-screen cyc room. The owners wanted to create a place that would function as a haven for freelance graphic designers, mixers, editors, videographers and photographers alike. This non-traditional approach allows 9WG Studios to function as a full service facility or as a space for independent contractors.

studio bau:ton designed the overall concept of the building as well as the production spaces, while the Richmond firm of Glavé and Holmes took care of the common areas and the day-to-day construction observation. Due to the use of wood, cotton insulation and strong colors, the environmentally friendly construction resulted in spaces that feel warm yet provide a creative spark.

building use: music recording, audio and video production and post production          
project scope:    7,500 sf; architecture, interiors, acoustics
schedule:  completed 2009
construction cost:         $1,000,000