In 1997 studio bau:ton completed the design and construction of a 4,500 square foot recording studio facility for acclaimed film composer James Newton Howard in Santa Monica. Mr. Howard, whose reputation and list of high profile movies has only grown since, is a multiple Academy Award nominee, Golden Globe nominee, as well as Emmy and Grammy winner.

In the years since the initial build-out, several projects were undertaken to add to the functionality of the facility. In 2005 a complete new composing suite, Studio B, was built out in the rear of the building, and a some of the common areas received a facelift.

Towards the end of 2007, the main Studio A was remodeled as well. The project consisted of an architectural and technological update of the composing and mix room. While the original room had more of an audio room feel, the remodel focused on opening up the space and accommodating a large flat panel monitor on the front wall. Removing a large equipment rack wall and reconfiguring the bass trapping in the rear yielded a comfortable seating area on a riser behind the composer's desk. The sloping front wood ceiling was removed and replaced with a high and nearly level fabric surface. A warm cherry wood floor and wall paneling tie the room in to the aesthetic of the recently completed Studio B and warm gray fabric panels complete the scheme. Custom diffusors used in the original scheme were either left in place or re-used in a modified layout.

Shortly after, the main lounge areas got a facelift too, and a large client area with bar and kitchen was added in the back of the building.

The studio design and execution follows the nonzero\architecture and studio bau:ton tradition to create artful contemporary spaces that are comfortable to live in and fulfill all their practical and technical requirements.

building use: music composing and recording   
project scope:    4,500 sf, architecture, interiors, acoustics
schedule:  completed 1997, Studio B 2005, remodel 2009
construction cost:         not availalble