1993                        MEGA WEST, PARIS, FRANCE

As one of Europe’s main centers for music production, Paris has a thriving and very competitive studio scene. Mega Studios moved its operations from central Paris to the nearby suburb of Suresnes, close to the Bois de Boulogne, in order to enlarge and modernize its facilities. The new Mega West Studios now has several studio suites, the largest able to accommodate fifty musicians in its tracking space.

The industrial building provided the necessary heights, and the distinctive steel trusses allowed clear spans for the large rooms. The trusses were incorporated into the design and their filigree contributes to the light and airy atmosphere inside the studio. The spare and functional main space is lit with a continuous row of skylights, and the daylight filters into the adjacent control room and isolation booths.

Additional light enters through the second floor musicians’ lounge overlooking the space. The geometric frame of the connecting window just over the room is reminiscent of the adjacent structural trusses.

The owner, a veteran speaker, designer, and acoustic perfectionist, designer, and acoustic perfectionist, designed the unusual array of subwoofers above the main loudspeakers in the control room. The twelve 16” low-frequency drivers of the subwoofers, together with the built-in surround-sound speakers and the requisite near-field monitors are amplified with a total of 9,000 watts power.

building use: commercial music recording studio facility          
project scope:    architecture, interiors, acoustics, furnishings, equipment
schedule:  completed 1993
construction cost:         N/A