This complete studio facility for a major rap music label was designed to fit into an existing shell, originally laid out for a different project. Four production rooms and a film screening theater surround a large tracking studio suite.

To increase the insufficient ceiling height in the main space, a floating shell was planned below, between and around the roof trusses. Although structurally demanding, the staggered-ceiling concept allowed greater room volume and height, and determined the look of the space. The resulting cassette-shaped ceiling is penetrated and overlaid by soft, sound-absorbing volumes acting as bass traps. The intersecting geometries of the staggered isolation shell versus the inclined volumes of the acoustic treatment form an alternating pattern at the room’s ceiling boundaries. An additional geometric layer if superimposed by the arrangement and placement of the acoustic surface treatment.

building use: multi-room recording studio complex
project scope:    architecture, interior design, equipment integration
schedule:  design 1999, unbuilt
construction cost:         N/A