The project replaces a small dilapidated commercial office bungalow in a rapidly improving section of Hollywood’s media production neighborhood. The small lot size and the parking requirements resulted in the building’s main mass being lifted up and elevated above the ground plane. The design uses all of the available floor area and volume for maximum-density, yet appears as an expressive building that responds to the neighborhood and articulates the street corner.

The program includes four recording studio suites with lounge space, a production and management office area and general amenities like outdoor spaces and roof decks. The new three-story building is divided vertically to accommodate these functions. The ground level is dedicated to parking, occasionally to be used as outdoor event space, and to an entrance lobby and stairwell. The covered parking below the building is lit by a glowing plane of translucent ceiling panels, providing a festive environment and entrance sequence, while elevating an otherwise mundane space. A perforated metal mesh fence encloses the ground floor and continues up as a shade screen on the west façade’s glazed stairwell. The required trash enclosure structure is topped by a green roof and planter, enriching the outdoor space and mitigating the vertical volume behind the building’s mass.

The recording studios are contained in the board-formed concrete volume of the second floor, with its mass broken up with strategically placed angled planes and varying openings. The angled cuts respond to the street corner conditions swell as to the interior demands of the studio spaces. Stairs are added as sculptural elements on the exterior as well as being visible through the glass wall along the west façade.

The studios themselves are built as floating shells with concrete slabs within the main structure, adding significant weight and turning the clear span and cantilever over the parking below into a structural challenge. The resulting studio volume nonetheless appears to be floating above the semi-transparent mesh along the ground floor, transcending its mass and weight in the process.

The top third floor is dedicated to offices and production space, with a shared lounge and conference room and two outdoor decks. The building contrasts to the concrete mass below at this level with an entirely open glazed façade and airy post-and-beam construction. Sliding glass doors open up to the decks and allow for a continuous spatial experience between inside and out. A green roof and solar PV panel trellises add to the creative environment and produce greenery and energy.


project scope:              6,600 sf new building

building use:                music recording, audio production and post production

schedule:                     project, to be completed 2016 

construction cost:         N/A

services:                      architecture, interiors, acoustics