A rather unlikely location for a high-end recording studio, Pinkafeld is situated in the rural Burgenland province of Austria, about one hour by car south of Vienna. The two partners responsible both grew up in the area, and after successful careers as an electrical engineer and an audio-video specialist, returned to execute the project on their home turf.

Located halfway between Vienna and Graz, the studio is used by musicians from both cities. The facility serves the superb classical musicians of traditional Vienna, the thriving alternative songwriter and rock scene, as well as local Austrian folk-music groups. Post-production, multimedia and graphics services are also provided, and a portion of the building has recently been converted and is now used by a local radio station.

Set in a meadow amid grazing dairy cows, the building also houses a conference and training center, offering educational courses in the use of the various kinds of equipment.

Although a local architect planned the exterior structure, the studio shell was designed and built in a collaborative process to precise specifications, and freely made available to house the studio. The simultaneous design allowed for optimized dimensions and proportions of the layout.

This is a multi-use facility, so the acoustics were kept relatively reverberant, allowing for the easy addition of absorptive materials to alter the sound. Control of the sonic environment is achieved by means of a variety of wood and concrete reflection and diffusion devices, which also give the project its distinctive look and feel.

The name of the facility has recently been changed to The Mushroom. 

building use: commercial music recording studio facility          
project scope:    architectural design, interiors, acoustics, furnishings
schedule:  completed 1993
construction cost:         N/A