Extending indoor spaces out into the landscape and bringing the surroundings into the building is a common concept here in Southern California and in the history of modern architecture. In order to minimize the boundaries between inside and out and to connect the enclosed space with its surroundings, we regard landscape design as a closely related discipline to architecture.

To achieve his goal, landscape design is an integral element of our architectural design approach. Similar to the way interior design can enhance and strengthen the inside of a building, landscape design can anchor it to the land and place it in its natural environment.

From site planning to landscape design, hardscape to outdoor furniture, each element is considered in the context of the site and its structures. The exterior of a building is part of its livable area and can enlarge and broaden the appeal of its interior spaces.

A contemporary landscape needs to consider environmental factors, such as water preservation and incorporating native vegetation. The use of drought-resistant plants, placement of plants and structures for shading, a mix of permeable and solid surfaces and water reclamation methods are all efforts to achieve a sustainable landscape.