Studio design, the specialty of our studio bau:ton division, includes the conception and planning of any space that serves the production or performance of audiovisual media, such as music, film, television and other content.

In our opinion, audiovisual studio design is a distinctive category of architectural practice, not an isolated discipline to be taken lightly. With its complex interrelationships between spatial design, building materials, acoustics and the integration of technology, studio design is a quintessentially architectural task. A keen interest in the theoretical and practical aspects of each space and a solid understanding of the construction methods are crucial for any successful studio project. While often practiced more casually, we believe the creation of acoustically, visually and ergonomically correct spaces should always be guided by an architectural vision and should take into account the overall well being of its inhabitants.

Acoustics is a critical part of any studio design effort and its importance can’t be overstated. Our acoustic approach is based on both theoretical knowledge and empirical experience, but perfect acoustics never come at the cost of practicality or by compromising a creative environment. Our challenge is to find solutions that combine superb acoustic performance with unique and superior architectural and interior design.

Despite the paramount importance of the technical equipment it should never be the only driving force in any studio project. The constant and rapid evolution of new technologies and formats requires us to diligently stay in touch with its trends. We attempt to always be aware of new developments, helping us to seamlessly integrate equipment and technology into buildings and rooms.

Studio design provides us with the perfect opportunity to apply our love of music, film and the arts in general to our true occupation, architecture and design.This appreciation and respect for all aspects of our projects enable us to continually come up with new and exciting buildings for studios of all kinds.

Our track record of designing some of the world’s most distinctive media facilities over more than twenty years is the solid foundation for our continued work in this exciting field.