Full Sail Real World Education is a college for media production that offers programs in the recording arts, film and video production, digital media, game design, show production and computer animation. This private institution near the university of Central Florida has experienced rapid growth, and is on the verge of another significant increase of the student body. The enrollment has risen from about 2,300 to over 4,000 students within a period of only two years, and the circulation is still being expanded to incorporate additional programs.

As a result, several possibilities for the future needs of the institution are being investigated simultaneously. The campus, in Orlando is centered around a two-story zigzag building in an office park. The growth of the curriculum has already led to expansion into a newly acquired adjacent shopping mall complex.

Plans for the expansion of the movie school, including a Hollywood-style film lot on a 14-acre property across the street are also being considered. Providing studies in all aspects of film production, the school needs a campus duplicating the reality of real-life commercial production facilities. The expected size of this additional facility is around 300,000 square feet, and includes sound stages, dubbing theaters, production labs and studios, as well as a back lot and other outdoor filming areas.

One main purpose of this master plan is to connect the various school departments through a series of bridges and pedestrian ways, and to reorganize the vehicular traffic and parking concept. To improve circulation and the efficiency of potential synergistic relationships, the placement of the various program parts is being analyzed and questioned.

By creating an overall architectural image for the institution, the plan tries to integrate the dissimilar buildings within the growing campus into a coherent and continuous fabric of structures and exterior connections. Welcoming and memorable outdoor spaces linking the buildings strive for an educational environment that nurtures learning and interaction between students and faculty.