2007                  FOX DVD MIX ROOM 32-6, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

The DVD Mix Room is conceived for a variety of additional functions. The original concept was to bridge the gap between Fox’s large mixing Dub stages and small DVD video-sized mastering rooms. Located in a 1930’s area all-concrete bunker built for the use of nitrate film, complete with explosion-proof vaults, it is surrounded by massive 12” thick concrete walls.

The room is designed as a no-compromise high fidelity audio reproduction space. Its floating and sand-filled floors support a front L-C-R speaker soffit wall. The fabric wall treatment covers a matrix of hard, soft and diffuse non-parallel areas. The back wall and ceiling spaces are filled completely with insulation material for bass trapping.

building use: DVD mix room  
project scope:    500sf; architectural design, interiors
schedule:  completed 2007
construction cost:         $300,000