Turnkey delivery of a complete design, construction and equipment package is the ultimate path to achieving a highly customized, yet trouble-free project. An ideal solution for owners with limited time available, it allows them to choose their preferred level of involvement; ranging from a strong hands-on engagement with the design team to a more remote and delegated approach. In either case, the decision-making process is tailored to the individual client’s situation and the resulting project will be executed to the absolute highest level of quality and integrity.
Leaving a complete integrated project package in the hands of our experienced team members assures clients a close adherence to the budget and schedule. It guarantees strict compliance with the agreed-on design intent and a highly professional execution of all construction and integration aspects.
Complex and elaborate projects, such as studios, performance and media rooms are particularly well suited for turnkey delivery, but other types of buildings and installations are available on request.
While the best results are guaranteed with the involvement of the complete nonzero\architecture, studio bau:ton and GCI team for an entire project, more limited scopes within larger projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For example, a dedicated recording studio or screening room project within a larger residence or commercial project can be designed, built and equipped as a complete package by our team.
Owners, architect peers, designers, builders or construction managers are welcome to inquire about this unique service for specific projects.